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Statewide Expansion

The Iowa entrepreneurial ecosystem is special.


We have startup communities and creative community builders throughout our innovative state that understand the value of building together. Each community has things that make it special, but when united, entrepreneurs expand their engaged networks and accelerate our economic development for the entire state of Iowa.


By infusing this statewide connectivity with the interactivity of this monthly networking event, we are proud to announce that two all-new communities that will now join dmStartupDrinks in bringing great people together each month!


With a vision aligned with what’s been achieved in Des Moines, our dedicated team of community builders are proud to welcome Cedar Rapids and Iowa City to the family!


dmStartupDrinks   crStartupDrinks-SquareLogoPack(silver)   icStartupDrinks

crStartupDrinks will bring people together in Cedar Rapids, while icStartupDrinks will connect entrepreneurs in Iowa City. The exciting launch for both events will be at the Innovation Expo 2015 on October 21, 2015. Christie Remley, Marketing Director at EDC and organizer for the Innovation Expo had this to say. “We are excited to host the launch of crStartupDrinks and icStartupDrinks at Innovation EXPO 2015. This interactive and fun networking event is an excellent extension for the Innovation EXPO, which is a statewide event that provides entrepreneurs a venue to connect with each other and celebrate the impact they’re making on the economy.”


This website has also been optimized to now support all three events, including other communities that may come online in the future. This is an exciting time and with this expansion, we hope to further ignite the Iowa entrepreneurial ecosystem. Keep building and join us this month as we continue to connect great people building amazing things.


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